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CPCS A98 Lifting Operations (Excavator 360 - Above 10 Tonnes)

CPCS have announced the introduction of Lifting Operations Endorsement for the CPCS A58 / A59 360 Excavators. This training provision came into practice from 20th August 2012.


The current lifting activity within these categories has now been enhanced and offered as an endorsement to both the Excavator 360 below and above 10 tonnes. The test specification has been modularised to allow both the integration of the endorsement within the main examination, and as a stand-alone option for current cardholders.


CPCS A58 or A59 Theory Testing (as of 20/08/2012):


The theory test for A58 & A59 now incorporates the questions for the category and the lifting operations into one test. A separate theory test was devised however for existing cardholders wanting to add the lifting operations endorsement only (these being the A97 or A98).


CPCS A58 or A59 Practical Testing (as of 20/08/2012):


This has been modularised into two parts, part one for excavation and extraction, and part two for plant equipment lifting operations. Lifting endorsements can be taken as a standalone test, if candidate already holds A58/A58 (see below).


Note: Endorsement C is separate to A58/A59 A & B but to be awarded on a card, the candidate must also have achieved either A58/59 A and/or B practical.


Existing Blue Competent Operator Card Holders (Undertaken Technical Test):


Those who have achieved A58 or A59 through the technical test can be awarded Endorsement C on application without the need for further testing. When renewing categories A58/59 A and/or B, endorsement C will be awarded automatically if it has not been applied for (on the application form).


Existing Blue Competent Operator Card Holders (Pre-Technical Test/Grandfather Rights):


Those who have gained A58 or A59 prior to the introduction of the technical test and wish to add Endorsement C must achieve the specific element of the CPCS Theory Test for A58 or A59 (being the A97 or A98).


Existing Red Trained Operator / Blue Competent Operator Card Holders:


Candidates may be awarded Endorsement C on application without the need for further testing (subject to initial test completion dates). When updating categories A58/59 A and/or B to the blue card, endorsement C will be awarded automatically if it has not been applied for (on the application form).


Some existing card holders (having undertaken the technical test after 09/07/2012) will need to undertake the A58 or A59 C practical tests as an alternative to the A97 or A98 theory testing in order to gain the Lifting Operations endorsement, this as the questions would have been included within their initial theory testing, albeit they would not have undertaken the shortened practical test.




The duration of this course is subject to a variety of factors including candidate experience, tests previously undertaken, card expiry dates etc. Please contact a member of the team for further advice/information about the carding routes/delivery timescales.


Delivery Location(s):


- Customer Site (Training & Testing)

- Corby, Northamptonshire (Training & Testing)

- Cannock, Staffordshire (Training & Testing)

- Birmingham, Midlands (Training & Testing)

- Doncaster, South Yorkshire (Training & Testing)

- Reading, Berkshire (Training & Testing)

- Falmouth, Cornwall (Training & Testing)


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