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N211 NPORS Concrete Pump (Mobile)

Course Objective:


To provide thorough theory and practical training in the operation of Concrete Pumps, enabling candidates to competently and safely carry out the role and pass the relevant NPORS assessments.


NPORS Mobile Concrete Pump Training Course Content:


- Describe the nature of the sector of industry and their role and responsibilities as a plant operator

- Name and explain the purpose of principal plant components, the basic construction, controls and terminology

- Conform with manufacturer’s requirements as per the operator’s handbook, relevant regulations and legislation

- Explain all relevant documentation

- Undertake all pre-use checks (host vehicle and pumping unit)

- Configure and set for travel (site and highway)

- Travel the vehicle to an area of work

- Manoeuvre in confined spaces

- Position and configure the vehicle for pumping duties

- Deploy the outriggers to specification (where applicable)

- Arrange, anchor and secure all pipes and lines

- Confirm a given mix is able to be pumped

- Arrange, use and comply with communication procedures

- Direct the loading/mixer vehicle to position

- Explain action required for hazards, underground and overhead services

- Pump and control materials accurately to the desired pour location

- Explain how blockages occur and give solution methods

- Maintain safe working situations

- Complete end-of use cleaning procedures

- Carry out shut down and securing procedures


Prior Requirement / Prerequisites:


In order to be eligible to undertake NPORS Concrete Pump testing, candidates must have achieved the relevant CITB Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) touch-screen-test within 2 years.


Delivery Location(s):


- Customer site


CITB Grant Available?


Yes - please speak to one of our advisors should you require any further information.


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